Brandon Phillips: Coolest Guy Ever (Part I)

The Rockin’ Redlegs crew returned last night from a three-day road trip in Chicago, Illinois as the guest of Brandon Phillips. It was truly an amazing weekend, and here’s how it all went down.


We arrived in Chicago around 10 a.m. and checked into the hotel, which was the Westin across from the John Hancock building. We went up to our room and got showered and ready to head to Wrigley Field, during which time Brandon called to make sure that we needed five tickets to the game. We were all very excited to get out and see Chicago and we became even more enthusiastic after Brandon called because it meant that it was even more real. We arrived at Wrigley Field around 11:30 and it was unlike anything we had ever seen. This would be everyone’s first trip to Wrigley and we were excited to get inside the park and check everything out. I went to the Team Will Call window and our tickets weren’t there yet! The guy told us to come back in about 20 minutes, so we went to a bar near Wrigley that welcomed Reds fan. We had a drink to calm our nerves, and when we returned to the ballpark, our tickets were waiting so we went right inside.

The RR crew at the Reds bar by Wrigley.

Me and Pops getting our tickets at Team Will Call.

The famous Wrigley Field sign.

When we entered the ballpark, we realized just how awesome our seats were. We were in the Field Box seats right behind home  plate where we watched the Redlegs grab a 5-4 win from the Cubs thanks to a 3-run homer by Jay Bruce and some incredible plays by our wonderful host. We drank Chicago’s own Old Style beer and sat snugly behind Nick Masset’s family and in front of Drew Stubbs’ family.

The view from our seats.

Our host getting ready for the game!

When the game was over, we hopped on the subway to head back to the hotel. Brandon called while we were on the subway and asked us what we wanted to eat. I said what I thought would be the most easily accepted meal choice for everyone, which was Italian, and he made reservations for us. We got up to the hotel room and everyone was showering and getting dressed when Brandon called again. He wanted us to come down to the lobby and meet all of his teammates, but everyone was in various stages of undress, so we missed that chance. He told us to meet him in the lobby at 7, so once we were all dressed (around 6:45) we headed down to the lobby and waited to meet Brandon. He came downstairs looking so totally fly, we stumbled through introductions, and hopped in a cab to Viaggio’s. During the cab ride, Brandon expressed his disappointment in me for not selecting Japanese food for our meal and I stated that I was not a fan of Japanese. When we got to the restaurant, the owners and workers at the restaurant all wanted to meet Brandon, and, as White Sox fans, bought him and us a drink because the Reds beat the Cubs. During dinner, we ate, took pictures, tweeted, told stories, and joked around. Brandon learned a lot about us, and we learned a lot about him and his teammates. After dinner, we sat there talking for a while until Brandon expressed his excitement to go to Walgreen’s to buy milk. The six of us hopped in a four-seat cab and took a very cramped ride to the nearest Walgreen’s. Once we got to Walgreen’s, we ended up acting crazy, clowning around in every aisle. Brandon got his milk drink and terrorized Walgreen’s customers, and we were off to the hotel again.

Me and Brandon “mad” at each other at dinner.

The whole gang at Viaggio’s.

Brandon and his milk at Walgreen’s.

Back at the hotel, we all hung out in the lobby, goofing off and taking advantage of free internet. We met some of Brandon’s teammates and goofed around, doing dances and singing Brandon’s “Money Money Yeah Yeah” song. Mikey got a picture with his favorite, Jonny Gomes, and Brandon and I got into a pillow fight. Let me tell you, it’s not easy trying to have a pillow fight with a Major League Baseball player – I lost.

Mikey and Jonny Gomes, otherwise known as the coolest picture ever.

Read Part II here!



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